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Border Collie DAMS



Hannah is the first red tri daughter of Quinn. She's marked like her father with her mother's, Medea, color and pricked ears; gorgeous! Hannah has excellent herding instincts, is very biddable and a loving sweetheart. She is a definite gem! Her hips are OFA "good" and she's CEA/CH "normal" by birth. I'm very excited to have her joining our breeding program!

See Hannah's pedigree.

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Starr is out of Quinn's last litter and Mae's first litter, so she is a very special girl. She is sweet, extremely biddable and can jump like a gazelle. Starr is DNA normal for CEA/CH by birth. Her hips were evaluated by the Cornell University College of Animals, diagnostic department as being very good. Hopefully Starr will grace us with her first litter sometime in the near future.

See Starr's pedigree.

Border Collie DAMS

Cloud -- retired


Cloud is our gorgeous blue merle girl. She is very confident, loving, and just as sweet as she can be. Her hips have been evaluated by the Diagnostic department at the Cornell Hospital for Animals as being excellent. Cloud's DNA testing shows she is a CEA/CH carrier. What that means is that as long as she is mated with a CEA/CH normal dog, she will never produce an affected puppy.

See Cloud's pedigree.

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Medio Blanco -- retired


Medea is a beautiful red and white female. She's a very sweet girl with strong herding instincts. Medea is extremely biddable and wants nothing but to please. I'm very happy to be able to add her great bloodlines to my breeding program. She's an excellent mother and her hips have been certified "good" by OFA. She has been DNA tested for CEA/CH and certified "normal" by Optigen.

See Medio Blanco's pedigree.

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Rainbow -- retired


Rainbow is the last breeding daughter of our foundation dogs, Quinn and Abbi. She has the same strong working instinct as her parents, great stamina, loves to play, intelligent, and very sweet. Rainbow is CEA/CH normal by birth, and her hips are OFA certified "good". We have very high expectations for her to help carry on our lines.

See Rainbow's pedigree.

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Mae Belle -- retired

Mae BelleMae Belle

This beautiful saddleback sable is Mae Belle. She's part of the next generation of my breeding program. Mae is the most lovable, friendly girl you'd ever want to meet. She loves everyone, is extremely biddable, has an awesome herding instinct, and is a total sweetheart. I can't say enough good things about this girl, and I know she will have some fantastic babies. Mae has been DNA tested "normal" for CEA/CH.

Mae Belle as a pup
Mae Belle as a pup

See Mae Belle's pedigree.

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ZoŽ, is another black tri daughter of Quinn and Abbi. She has her father's exuberance for life. She loves to herd the sheep, going for rides, and playing with the other dogs. ZoŽ was the runt of her litter and got off to a very rocky start her first day, but her tenacity, strength, and drive pulled her through. Those qualities were ones I wanted to preserve and pass on to her puppies. ZoŽ's hips are OFA certified "good" and she is CEA/CH "normal".

See ZoŽ's pedigree.

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Abbi is a black tri dam that has very healthy puppies and takes excellent care of them. She works sheep and has the strong herding instinct I look for in my border collies. Abbi is a very loving dog that tolerates her puppies' antics, even into adulthood. Her hips are OFA certified "good" and she's DNA tested "normal" for CEA/CH.

See Abbi's pedigree.

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Cameo's Dell -- sold


Dell is a family member of a different color. Her fancy thick coat is black with blue ticking. She comes from excellent bloodlines and has the most polite temperament I've ever known in a dog. Strong herding instinct, desire to please, and sweet respect makes her and wonderful addition to my breeding program. Dell's hips are OFA certified "good" and she has DNA tested "normal" for CEA/CH.
Dear, sweet Dell has gone to live with a very awesome couple. She is being spoiled with love and attention, being treated like a princess. I miss her, but she is so happy, as you can see in the picture with her new buddy. "Thank you Dawn and Frank for giving Dell such a wonderful home!"


See Dell's pedigree.

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Maggie Mae

Maggie MaeMaggie Mae

Maggie Mae is a black tri daughter of Quinn and Abbi. Her puppies are large and healthy with wonderful temperaments. Maggie is an excellent example of the kind of dogs Quinn and Abbi produce time after time. She's intelligent, loving, enjoys going places, is obedient, adaptable and has her parents' herding instinct. Maggie's hips are OFA certified "good" and she is CEA/CH "normal".

See Maggie Mae's pedigree.

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