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Border Collie OWNERS

Some of the most fantastic people have bought my puppies. They are responsible pet owners that do whatever they can to give their dogs happy, active, fulfilling lives. I’m always so pleased and excited when they send me updates and pictures. The joy they share with me about their lives with their border collies truly encourages and inspires me. I hope they all realize just how much I appreciate them providing such wonderful homes to my babies. Thank you everyone, keep those updates coming.

Meg (Quinn X Abbi)

Meg in Snow

"Here is an accomplishment of your little offspring, Meg, who will be 5 in April. I knew she had greatness in her! Keep up those good bloodlines:

It has been a bittersweet day. But, I knew it was going to be an auspicious day. It is my mother’s birthday. She would have been 88 today. Since she has been gone, I always considered her my guardian angel. Even before the 11:30 pm phone call last night, I had an inner voice telling me to be patient, to have faith that our time would come to be called on a search, when all our training would pay off.

Such an opportunity came today, when between 10:10 am and 10:30 am, after being helicoptered into the Grandview Pass area (between Portage and Moose Pass), Meg committed to two scent locations. The second was a very strong commitment. She alerted from 4 different directions and barked for up to 20 seconds and dug excitedly each time at the same spot. The probe line of searchers approached, then passed her alert flag. Then three probes confirmed the right feel to be a body beneath.

When excavated, the body was found to be buried 8 to 10 feet deep, just 12 feet from Meg’s alert on the surface. The snow surface directly above where he was found was an undisturbed, 4 to 5 inch ice crust, impermeable to scent. Therefore, Meg captured the scent where it rose out of the snow in the adjacent disturbed and previously probed area from the day before. The first alert area was directly down slope of the second, possibly a pool of scent that had flowed and caught in that small basin. A second pass through that area, drew little interest from Meg, but she kept returning to the second location.

When they confirmed the find as Meg and I waited below, all I could do was fall to my knees and weep- for the victim, his family and friends there on scene- yet comforted that our hard work had helped bring the tragedy to an end.

After some playtime, her meal and peanut butter treat given for a job well done, Meg is now asleep at the foot of the stair- as every night - legs up in the air, nose stretched out, tail wagging now and then, dreaming doggy dreams.

Thanks to all my family and friends who supported our training efforts and didn’t tell us all that all that search and rescue dog stuff was just folly. And thanks to my mom for her abiding presence. "

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Tess and Emma

Tess and Emma Tess, Emma and Kevin

"Emma will be four years old tomorrow. My, how time flies!

She is a wonderful companion, loves all people and is exceptionally good with kids. As with all dogs, Emma has some behavior quirks, but the less desirable ones are disappearing. From day one, she liked to run away every chance she got. Obviously, she always came back. Within the last six months, she has become increasingly more reliable off leash, to the point that I now have complete trust in her. I don't think that borders were meant to be on leash. Emma also had an obsession with vehicles and chased them more than once. Again, this behavior has also disappeared within the last few months. When we encounter a car in our neighborhood, she sits until it is past and I have released her. Life with Emma just gets better and better.

Her sister, Tess, is a remarkable dog. She too loves all people, including our grandson, Kevin, as is apparent in your website picture of him with the girls. Tess has formed an attachment to me that is difficult to fathom. She cannot tolerate having me out of her sight. It is not an anxiety, but rather a devotion. A few mornings ago, I gave both dogs their breakfast and as they started to eat, I left the room. Tess soon followed me, which told me that she would rather be with me than eat. Now that is devotion. I have not put her through formal obedience training, but she is very responsive. Tess may have difficulty differentiating between "sit" and "down", but she is excellent on recall. She is also very good at interpreting voice tones. I have never had her on leash, except in otherwise unsafe conditions.

As you can tell, we are extremely pleased with the puppies we purchased from you. We walk together nearly every day and receive many compliments on their looks and behavior. I am very proud of them. Keep up the good work."

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Canon puppy Canon hike

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for Canon! We celebrated his 2nd birthday today!! He is such an awesome dog and such a life saver for Rich. Right now he’s crashed on the couch. Rich spent hours and hours throwing the ball for him today and they went on a long hike. Just wanted to drop a line to tell you thanks and let you know how much we appreciate this little guy who is the light of our lives."

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Shadow Lee

Shadow Lee

"…this dog in good condition is very good in agility and have two qualifications in the USDAA and the FCI, and is probably represent to Puerto Rico in Italy. He like play with me and my son. Thank you for sale me this nice dog.” (2004)
“Let me tell you that Shadow Lee finish 1st in his high and second overall for the team of Puerto Rico, this is the second year that my dog represent to Puerto Rico in the WCH.” (2007)

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Jess & Little Sis Jess & Riley

"A picture says a thousand words. Jess has turned into a good Alaskan dog. She has a good nose for the bears and keeps us informed of what's out in the bush. She taught herself how to climb ladders...Jess is a sweetheart."

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"She is such a sweet dog you won’t believe it. Runs for miles off leash, swims, great Frisbee dog, and fantastic with the kids who are now 8 and 11.”


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Sir William Wallace and his Tartan Willie

"We have been so pleased with Willie. He is quite the character. He has a great disposition. Loves people, kids, other dogs, and especially providing affection. He is also quite smart and athletic. He has a rather easy-going attitude for a Border Collie, but turns it up when it is time to work/play. I hope you’ll also agree he is also good-looking!"

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Pax in Mexico Pax in Mexico

"Pax is a terrific dog. He has great house-manners and is very socialble. Pax loves to swim (much to my husbands's delight), so has a great time on the beach. Thank you for this great dog."

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Edie swim Edie swimming

"Swimming has become her favorite thing. We bought her a life jacket because she never stops moving even when she is tired, so we thought that would be the safest bet. She doesn’t mind it at all. She loves to fetch. She is also extremely affectionate, which isn’t something I expected based on the research I did on Border Collies, but am very happy about that. She is a sweetheart."

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Trey and his ball Trey in the yard

"Trey is just an adorable little guy. We could not have asked for a better puppy. He loves everyone... he's very bright and curious, yet calm... he listens very well (comes when he's called right away)...he's absolutely great with all of the kids and their friends...we have so much joy watching him sneak up on things and pounce and watching him as he tries out his herding skills on moving tennis balls (he's so graceful and light on his feet!) He's also so affectionate...he seems so happy, confident, and carefree...his tail is constantly wagging. I can't imagine not having him! We are so happy we found you and him! Thanks for the work you do with these dogs. You make many families happy!"

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Jasper LeDoux

Jasper, hanging out at home Jasper

"He’s such a trooper when he goes anywhere, and everyone just loves him. He’s the king of the crowd, and master of the household..."

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"She is a very good puppy. She has mastered (kinda) sit, shake hands, lay down and rollover. We are working on “speak.” She has many toys and can pick out the Ball (tennis ball) Soccer (soccer ball) and duck (toy duck)."

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Andy and Quinn

Andy and Quinn Andy and Quinn

"Andy’s nickname is ‘Einstein’ because he’s so smart. Quinn’s is ‘Little Cupid’ because he’s so affectionate."

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