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Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed it.

There is nothing more wonderful than a new puppy! To insure that my puppies will have a healthy head start, they will have had their first vaccinations and been de-wormed on a regular schedule before they go to their new forever homes. The puppies are loved and handled daily, and are socialized with people and other dogs.

I OFA certify the hips of my breeding dogs and have had them DNA tested for CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly). To date all have tested "normal" so they will not produce a puppy with CEA.

I want friendly, happy pups going off to their new homes. I feel a strong sense of responsibility for them, so I like to know as much as I can about the prospective buyers. I really appreciate when people explain their dog experiences, what their home is like, and what plans they have for a puppy. Not all people are cut out to be border collie owners, so I want to be sure they understand exactly what they are getting in for.

Border collies are extremely high-energy dogs; they need to be stimulated not only physically, but also mentally in order to be happy. Border collie puppies especially require a lot of time and dedication from their owners. You take the time with them and they will love you unconditionally for a lifetime.

Nothing is more wonderful than a puppy, and a border collie is the most wonderful of all.

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