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Border Collie SIRES


Jack Jack

Jack is black and white with a smooth coat. I had decided to cut down on my breeding males, but a friend told me his story. His owner had to move from their home and was unable to take Jack with her. Time was running out and there was only a matter of days for her to find him a home. When I also took into consideration that he was a great, great grandson of Quinn's, I couldn't say no. Jack is a sweetie, loves to play ball and go for rides. He also has that drive that I love in my border collies. Jack's hips are OFA certified "good" and his DNA testing for CEA/CH is "normal". I am so impressed with Jack's pups, they are absolutely wonderful! What an outstanding sire he is turning out to be!!!

See Jack's pedigree.

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Levi Levi

Levi is a stunning blue tri boy who is strong, smart and willing. He is extremely loving and dedicated to his job of keeping tabs on the horses. His DNA testing for CEA/CH came back normal/clear. Levi's hips have been evaluated by the Cornell Animal Hospital Radiology Department and they are excellent. His temperament and herding instinct is exactly what I want in my breeding dogs, and he has been passing these traits on to his offspring.

See Levi's pedigree.

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Newhope Tate

Newhope Tate

Newhope Tate came to us from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a sweet, and gorgeous black and white boy that's biddable and so easy to get along with. Tate's hips have been evaluated by the radiology department of Cornell University Animal Hospital and they are good. His DNA testing for CEA/CH came back normal/clear. We are hoping for plenty of traditionally marked, black and white pups from him.

See Tate's pedigree.

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Rudy Rudy

Rudy is a Levi and Medea pup out of their first litter together, and what an awesome cross it is. Rudy is so intelligent, quick to learn, biddable, loveable and quite the looker! So, I'm quite sure that he will become one of our future sires. Rudy is CEA/CH normal by birth, and his hips are OFA certified GOOD. I have high expectations for this boy.

See Rudy's pedigree.

Border Collie SIRES

Quinn -- deceased

Quinn as a Puppy Quinn

He was a beautiful black tri. He was so friendly and loved to go everywhere. He herded the family sheep and goats and does agility. His exuberance for life is infectious; you can't be around him very long with a frown on your face. He passed his strong herding instinct and loving personality on to his puppies. I feel very fortunate to have had him in my breeding program. Quinn's hips were OFA certified "good" and his DNA tested "normal" for CEA/CH.

See Quinn's pedigree.

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Chip -- retired

Chip ready Chip

This handsome boy is a son of Quinn and Abbi. Chip is a sweet, lovable guy with that strong desire to work. He spends a lot of his time on our place up in British Columbia with Grandpa and Grandma. He is very loyal and Grandpa's shadow. Chip's hips are OFA certified "good" and he is CEA/CH "normal" by birth.

See Chip's pedigree.

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Punta Rojo -- sold

Punta Rojo Punta Rojo

Rojo is an awesome dog with the most fun-loving personality. He loves to play ball and Frisbee and has a very strong desire to work. I decided I needed to do some downsizing, and since I had his sister for breeding, I found him a new home. He went to live with a very nice couple that has a mini farm with goats and other dogs for him to play with. I know that he will be a lot happier there with all the love and attention they give him. Thank you Barb and Joe for taking Rojo in to be a part of your family.

See Rojo's pedigree.

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